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Pasteur Etienne

House of Grace Masina has been laid with the foundation of the Biblical message of repentance and is filled with hungry hearts of all ages, for righteousness. Led by Pastor Etienne & Fyfy Mayala, they are anointed to build up, encourage, strengthen and edify the Body of Christ in that region.

If you are in the Masina vicinity, find this House of Grace near you:

AV, Kingunda, 21 Commune Masina/Pascal


Dynamic Worship Service: Sunday – 7:30AM
Intercession: Monday – 5:45PM
Bible Study: Tuesday – 5:30PM
Morning Service: Wednesday – 5:30AM
Warfare Intercession: Wednesday – 5:30PM
Women of Distinction Meeting: Saturday – 6AM
Youth Meeting: Saturday – 4PM
Hours for Pastoral Consultation: Tuesday – 3PM-6PM

For more information, please contact 011243998164548 or email at: etiennemayala@yahoo.fr

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