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The HOGFAN Administration Department is the backbone of the ministry, allowing for all requests and/or demands to be responded to and dealt with promptly, in an organized manner. sectioned into three parts:

Treasury – Led by Barbara Ncho, our Treasury section of Administration is a vital representation of HOGFAN in every financial aspect possible. It consists of the construction of financial reports, organizing accurate record-keeping of financial flow in the church, gift acknowledgement to donors. All financial work is done with utmost confidentiality, protecting all donors and partners.

General Administration – consists of working to alert leadership as to what’s needed and when in order for the organization to run smoothly and is available for direct administrative support for the Senior as well as and Associate Pastors. This section communicates information pertaining to the church calendar, keeps minutes for leadership meetings, and keeps leadership accountable in their budget spending. This section is led by Gloria Owusu.

Administrative Assistance to the Man of God – This section is responsible for assisting the Man of God Apostle Gedeon Landu in the performance of his responsibilities in absolute confidentiality. Responsibilities include but are not exhaustive of making, receiving and directing telephone calls and emails to his office, establishing the yearly international itinerary, coordinating any ministry related travel for national and international crusades, and more.  The Administrative Assistant of the Man of God is Gloria Owusu, with Thabita Katanda as the Francophone Administrative Correspondent.

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